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Here are some hints to assist you in preparing in the event of an incident in a match, which may also require attendance to a MRU judiciary meeting. Very few Red Cards now result in an invite to attend a Judicial meeting. A Red Card carries an automatic 2 week suspension for the player unless either the perpetrator feels 2 weeks is not justified (and they appeal) or Judiciary feel 2 weeks is not sufficient (and they call a hearing). In either case you will receive an email invite to the arranged judicial hearing.


If a YELLOW or RED CARD is issued or an incident that involves threatening behaviour, ref-abuse or worse please ensure the following actions are completed:

At the Game:

· On your score card write the playing number of player/s and also get names.
· Write down the time in the game and note the score.

Straight after the game:

· Identify culprit/s and ensure name & number comply with the team sheet
· Write some notes to help you complete your form later. Note what was said/done, what you saw, your actions, where on the field it happened, any other points.
· Identify any witnesses & ensure their name & number are correct
· If using a ‘sideline witness’ then identify their name, position in team & contact mobile number if possible.

Completing forms:

· Go to our website & obtain the appropriate forms
· Don’t be emotive in your report - state clear facts only
· Clearly identify the ‘exact position’ on the field the event happened & time in match
· Clearly state what you observed & your actions
· Clearly state actions of culprit/s & others in the incident
· If abusive or threatening language used, clearly state the following and write it word for word:

o ‘Exactly’ what was said
o Who said it
o Actions that followed
o How you managed it
o Note: if language is ‘witnessed’ then have it verified

· Write clearly and concisely the FACTS as you have observed them at the time of the incident
· Please do not respond to any “media”. Refer them to Dylan Earle 021 190 7588

Submitting Forms:

NOTE: All forms MUST be submitted within 48 hours of the game to the MRU.

· For Ordering off forms please ensure that you have discussed these with Dave Townend, or a member of the executive prior to submitting to the union.
Phone (H) 06 357 7130 Phone (W) 06 350 2961 Mobile: 027 450 0334
Email: or

· Completed forms should be forwarded to Ben Koch MRU Club Liaison Officer,

email: if you need to discuss Ph: 06 357 2633 x 707, 021 999 404


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